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When you think of internship, is the first thing that comes to mind “Boring”? Well, not at Two’s Company! Lucky for you, we have our own state of the art Coffee Machines! Not only that, you won’t be referred to as “intern”, here at Two’s we will know your name and get to know you and what you want to do after college! Your only work friend’s will NOT be a copy or fax machine so you won’t feel out of place at our monthly company events!

Two’s internship program truly focuses on introducing students to the real world of the gift and decorative accessory industry. Two’s is widely recognized for innovation and trendsetting concepts and we hope you will help us continue this as well as our company’s mission! We prepare our interns for an exciting career post-graduation and hope to welcome them back for a long term career.

Two’s offers internships in the following departments:

  • Photography Studio Internship
  • Creative Services / Design Internship
  • Finance Internship
  • Human Resources Internship
  • Inventory Purchasing Internship
  • Customer Relations Internship
  • Key Accounts Adminstration Internship
  • Supply Chain Management Internship
  • Product Development Internship

Interested in the gift and decorative accessory industry but not sure where you fit in?? We have a solution for that! Our general office internship program will take you through a multi-departmental journey where you will learn about our daily business operations within all areas of Two’s Company!

Summer Internships are filling up fast! Apply now and send in your resume to

Intern Testimonials

Isabel Sellhausen- Summer 2016

"I worked as a Marketing Intern for Two’s Company for the summer of 2016 and gained more than just valuable experiences, I developed a confidence for a career I am truly passionate about and a network of supportive and encouraging people alike.

Upon beginning my internship, I was tossed right into a busy week for catalog releases and I knew right away I would enjoy the challenging and creative work I would be doing. I was learning something new everyday and carefully guided by my experienced and caring mentors, Christina DeClemete and Jillian Maloney. Not only would they introduce me to new software and marketing tools, it was explained how everything I did played an integral part in the overall marketing plan or daily functions of the department. This really made me feel like the work I was doing was meaningful and benefiting the team I was a part of. The time my mentors took to teach and guide me left me feeling ultimately prepared and confident for the next step in my career, to which I can only thank Two’s and hope to keep the wonderful relationships I formed with everyone there! "

Amanda Cargulia- Summer 2015

"I worked as Public Relations and Marketing intern at Two’s Company in the summer of 2015 and had an unforgettable experience. From the moment I started, everyone at the company was so kind and helpful, and I immediately felt comfortable.

Working with Christina DeClemente is what has made this internship as valuable as it was. From the moment I got there she taught me so much and consistently guided throughout my internship. Having not had much experience in a real world setting, her kindness in explaining tasks and positive feedback gave me the confidence to complete tasks I had never done before. Throughout my time here I was entrusted with a variety of tasks including working on social media sites, writing marketing pitches, pitching products to magazines, and assisting my department in getting ready for the trade shows. Having the opportunity to work on so many different projects has enabled me to develop many skills I will take with me throughout my career. I am so grateful to Two's Company for providing me with this internship opportunity and making this an amazing learning experience."

Lexy Grant - Summer 2013

"I worked as an intern for Two's Company in the summer of 2013 and had a wonderful experience. Part of what made it so great was the excellent mentor I had, Christina DeClemente. She was always available to help me and provided me with excellent guidance and support. It is important to be surrounded by a positive atmosphere in any workplace and Two’s Company provided just that.

I came to the internship with no real experience and with little expectations as to what my every day duties would include. I left the last day of my internship with a sense of personal growth, fulfillment and real skills. I learned about various aspects of marketing and public relations and new things about myself and about working with others. I also learned in general what it is like to work for a large company. Everyone was very warm and welcoming which also had a profound impact on my experience. Being able to get discounts at the company store also did not hurt my experience! Overall, I am very thrilled that I chose to intern at Two’s Company last summer and hope to return in the near future."

Caroline A Chaplin - Summer 2012

"After my first year at NYU, I interned here at Two’s. I wanted something that was unique and different from a typical a summer internship. I knew that since I had no previous experience that I would need to really step up to the plate in order to earn the position. I wanted the opportunity to learn as much as possible and to see if I was heading in the right direction with my career choice. With great excitement and a bit of nerves I started in the marketing and public relations department.

Within my first few days, I felt like I was part of the Two’s “family”. It was so nice to be in an office where each team was working towards one goal and were eager and willing to help support each other with any task. As soon as I got situated, I hit the ground running. I was given a number of different tasks and projects for the upcoming winter and spring products. I created inspiration boards and lists such as “50 gifts for under $50” for magazines like People Style Watch and Oprah Magazine. These tasks were so much fun and gave me the chance to use both the creative and marketing knowledge I had learned from school and the Two’s team. My time at Two's was something I will never forget and a place where I will always feel a sense of comfort and love as it was such a spectacular opportunity to begin my career. "

Rebecca Aschen - Summer 2011

"My Two’s Company internship experience was truly one of a kind. Working directly under Christina DeClemente throughout the summer of 2011, I was fortunate enough to learn the interworking of the Public Relations Department. Her kindness and patience when introducing new projects, gave me the confidence to take on unfamiliar tasks and emerge with a wealth of information and a sense of accomplishment.

I was pleased to contribute to exciting marketing and public relations projects, participate in developing marketing campaigns and press materials, and see my summer’s work culminate in the company’s successful trade showing.

To this day, I continue to utilize the information I learned during my time at Two’s Company, and I am extremely appreciative to have had such a fantastic internship. Being able to gain hands-on experience in such a positive, creative, and warm environment is priceless! "

Kimera Rosen - Summer 2009

"My internship experience with Two's Company was one I will never forget. Everyone was so sweet and welcoming from the day I started.

I worked directly under Christina DeClemente in the Marketing and PR department. She was everything I could have asked for in a mentor. She truly guided me through the process and was patient and kind to me along the way.

I was able to learn so many valuable things while there.  I worked on social media campaigns. marketing strategies, learned about trade shows and event marketing and even got to delve into PR work with top decor magazines. I worked on varying projects and tapped into multiple aspects of creativity and business.

I look back on that internship with fondness and appreciation for the mentorship given to me and all the lessons I was able to learn. I currently work in marketing and still use a lot of things I learned from Two's Company."