Té Tonic

Designed in Spain

The modern cocktail scene is bursting at the seams. In a social gathering with friends a few years ago, the co-founder of Té Tonic, Toni Ruano, recognized how much fun people were having mixing all different types of drinks. With a background in design, marketing and some manufacturing the founders decided to create Té Tonic. They recruited Javier Martinez, a well-known mixologist to be their chemist. Javier helped to develop formulations and recipes to pair with the most important gin brands on the market: floral, fruity, spicy, vegetal, citric and many more. Then they focused on how at home people could easily infuse ingredients into liquor, and how to do this while leaving the drink free from seeds and hard elements of the ingredients. After many months of research and experimentation they developed an innovative and unique way to use a sachet, like a tea bag, to place in the drink. The brand quickly exploded throughout Europe where they continue to expand to a loyal customer interested in mixology.



Té Tonic brings mixology to the home with it's easy-to-make gin & tonic infused cocktails