Updates Regarding COVID-19


We are extremely thankful & grateful for having such a strong community of customers and employees.
With the rapidly changing news around the world, we’re here to let you know that we stand together with you all.

As of Monday, 3/23, despite efforts to continue shipping to our customers, New York State has mandated that non - essential businesses need to work remotely.
To ensure the safety & well-being of our employees we’ve successfully transitioned our Elmsford office employees to work remotely.

We have also decided to suspend all shipping honoring many states request for businesses to adopt a sheltering at home policy for employees.
While you may still place orders through our website, these orders will not ship until our warehouse is operational again.
We will continue to post company updates as they occur.

Thank you for your commitment to Two’s. We hope that you find a ray of sunshine each day amidst these challenging times.
If you have any urgent requests, please contact your Territory Manager or email customerrelations@twoscompany.com
and we will make every effort to reply and accommodate it as quickly as we can.

For those who are able to plan ahead, please know our Territory Managers around the country are fully available to connect
virtually through video web conferencing, with the ability to support & present you wonderful distractions & opportunities for your store.